Born and bred Italian, I am used to being filled with history, laying on very ancient roots. This made my growing up magical and beautiful.

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot over the past years and discover different places and different sides of my personality. The world was my oyster, everything was possible, but again, I kept feeling sort of incomplete.

And so I kept wandering .. always looking for something different. That’s why I put so much energy and work into becoming an actress in the first place.

I could be whoever I wanted to be for an hour or two and the going back to whoever I was in that particular moment of my life. 

London has been a total eye opener. I have discovered many things that back in Italy I would never have thought possible! One of the many things I fell in love with in Uk capital city its diversity in terms of not only people but also culture.

You can find so many wonderful things happening all the time in London. 

 With Jazz I found out you could explore yourself and channel your energy, escaping modern times and throwing yourself in another Era. 

The lyrics float in a perfect and irregular musical storytelling. Jazz music stays in the moment and is full of witty metaphors and life lesson. And so I found out Jazz music offered me the opportunity to express myself in completely a different way. 

When it came down to decide what to do with my first Album, what could describe these past years of my life and career, I had a think and the answer was pretty straight forward: “dissatisfaction”. The central idea focuses of not being satisfied. 

I like to think of my first Album more as a stream of consciousness than a collection of songs. 

I picked these songs because one way or another, they all talk about something you don’t have that you crave for, or something you DO have that you don’t take into consideration or… Someway you feel that you don’t understand or accept.

My approach to singing these memorable tunes goes very much deep into the different aspects and focus on the false illusions you build for yourself until you find out “After you get what you want you don't want it”.